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Edition of 64, 18"H x 10"W x 10"D

The trigram Mountain is a symbol for stillness which seems to represent the appropriate beginning of any endeavor whether mental or physical. In our Western cultural we are told to think before we act, however, this trigram directs us to get still before we even think. Thus, Mountain is the first of the series that I completed.

Inner stillness resulting in mental clarity is particularly developmental when coupled with outward action, allowing us to maintain an effective countenance, unencumbered by emotional aberration. Conversely, it is equally developmental to learn to get still outwardly so that one may think productively inwardly. This principle is also a reminder of the debilitation of character which results from pointless inaction and quietude. Patience is required in learning to balance right "doing" and "non-doing".


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With open heart and upright bearing, be like the green bamboo.
-The Book of Balance and Harmony