phoca thumb l trf bassethound 61


2 X Life Size Edition of 12, 60”H x 32”L x 52”W


“Cap” is part of a three-piece commissioned sculpture installed along the Parade Route in Woodinville, Washington, 13804 NE 175th. Each year, the residents of Woodinville celebrate their favorite mascot, the floppy eared basset hound, with a public parade in August of bassets from all over the Pacific Northwest. They also host a Basset Bash, Basset Hook Ups, Basset Rescue, and Basset Boutiques.

“Cap” was modeled after a darling named Sara Sue, owned by Ben and Vickee Gockley, who live in my hometown Joseph, Oregon. She enjoys the “life-of-Riley” with her owners and will surely live a long and happy life with her partner Bubba.

This wonderful project kept me entertained out in my studio for nearly a year and I am very proud to have been part of it. I have included a few photos of the pre-cast clays for clarity of details.