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2 X Life Size Edition of 12, 27”H x 41”L x 32”W


“Bow” is part of a three-piece commissioned sculpture installed along the Parade Route in Woodinville, Washington, at 13804 NE 175th. Each year, the residents of Woodinville celebrate their favorite mascot, the floppy eared basset hound, with a public parade in August of bassets from all over the Pacific Northwest. They also host a Basset Bash, Basset Hook Ups, Basset Rescue, and Basset Boutiques.

The doggy model for “Bow” is a small female owned by Judi and Scott Taylor of Wallowa, Oregon, named Pokey. She is a rescue dog discovered online by the Taylors who drove to LA to pick up their new little charge and found that she had been the victim of a puppy mill and had been shot and left for dead. With loving compassion, Pokey’s owners restored her to health but had to remove one of her eyes. As you can see, my sculpture has returned her to wholeness into perpetuity for the people of Woodinville.

This wonderful project kept me entertained out in my studio for nearly a year and I am very proud to have been part of it. I have included a few photos of the pre-cast clays for clarity of details.