Jim Shelly, Student

Jim Shelly, The Fireworks
Professional Ceramic Artist and Retired HS Language, Visual, and Performing Arts Teacher
62378 Hurricane Creek Road, Joseph, Oregon 97846
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January 3, 2013
RE: Shelley S. Curtiss

To Whom It May Concern:

When, two years ago, I signed up for a Drawing and Composition class taught by Shelley Curtiss, I was half-convinced that it would prove to be too simple, dull, or not useful. I was 100% wrong. Shelley taught not "how to draw" but rather "how to imagine, how to re-imagine, how to think like an artist". Using her deep store of experience, intelligence, passion, and humor, she taught to the heart of the matter. She believes in what she does, is organized about it and, hence, conveys it well. I recommend her classes to anyone interested in the visual arts.

Jim Shelly, Joseph, Oregon